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Thursday, July 30, 2009

A little bit of Hunter!


Hunter has been so sweet lately! We just got back from alot of family time now its just us three hanging out agian! Hunter is happy to have all the one on one time again and I am too! He is becoming a mamas boy and I cant complain about that! He is talking alot now saying things like tractor, pants, who is it?, tada (when you turn something on), please mom or dad, sings elmos world, belly button, and alot of giberish( thats a real language you know:) and he says please to get his nose back if you pretend to take it....... anyways we are loving it! He also has been more cuddly:) His newest thing is he runs everywhere which is so funny! Today he came and sat by me and grabbed my hand and held it during the movie:) :) love it!


Erin Fanello said...

He really is so sweet, I love his smile its so contagious!! Glad that he is back in his element, Noah is still being crazy, I thought it would go back to happy time...not so much. Love you and thanks again for letting us crash your home!

Kiirsty said...

Hey! This is Mark's cousin, Kiirsten, and I found your blog from your facebook page - hope you don't mind if I follow it once in a while! Your little guy is soooo darling! WOW, those eyes are going to be killer on the girls when he grows up!! I hope all is well for you guys, and if you ever need anything in Boise, that's where I grew up, so you've still got those cousins there, Mark! Visit my blog if you want at I think I met you once at Uncle Dave's halloween party last year, Ashley - You seem awesome. This comment is getting long. Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY MARK! Twinner bday cousin!

Kristi said...

I love your little bug! I wish wish wish Alli was there to be his buddy.