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Saturday, April 11, 2009

I live right across the street from a school playground and it is torture to Hunter because we can't go over ther until school gets out! But all day long he stares out the window, signs -outside- and nods very enthusiastically! He loves the toys but I think he would enjoy them alot more if he would learn how to walk!Hunter was born to be a farmer! My dad leant us a dump truck to do some heavy duty yard work and we can't get Hunter out of it. Whenever we go outside his hand swings toward it so fast ( hitting me in the face numerous times) so we will put him in it. Its like a really cool playpen;) But my dad said he is looking for an experienced driver for harvest. I hope he knows we are sending him Hunter! Hunter is always signing -hat- because I like to wear them so we went and got him one;) He looks so grown up in it! He will only keep it on if Mark and I are both wearing hats!


Vicki said...

What a cute little boy. I imagine Colby would go crazy across from a school playground!! He would LOVE your dump truck also. Thanks for sharing the cute things Hunter is doing and the pics. I LOVE it! We love you, Aunt Vicki
Happy Easter!