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Thursday, May 14, 2009

A series of Unfortunate/fortunate events!!!

Life is good!! Three weeks ago Mark and I went to Aberdeen for our monthly trip (for work) and it was so fun! The weather was great, all the fields are being planted and Idaho just looks beautiful! Hunter and I spent alot of time on the tractors. He can't get enough of them and screams when I take him off!Farming buddies:) so cute!The following Thursday my mom I headed back to Utah for my knee surgery! It went great but on the way home from the hospital Mark informed me we were being transferred to Boise, ID. There was alot of emotions at first but it did not help that I was on pain meds :) So we kicked into high gear and prepared to move! Saturday we had a garage sale that was in our eyes very successful:) (my moms not so much!) Everything we sold was stuff that was left at our house when we bought it! So profits were good but it was kinda an insult that nobody wanted our stuff only junk:) I went home to Idaho with my mom so she could help me with hUnter and then she drove me to Boise, Id and we found a home for rent! Spent the night in a hotel which was really fun! my moms knee was hurting so everytime we gimped down the stairs at the hotel we quite the show! ...walk this way -quote from private eyes-My mom found her favorite commercial that should ask her about it:) Then it was back to Utah to pack the house! My mom basically packed my whole house for me, painted the living room, and did all my cleaning! I know you guys think your moms do great things but it can't compare to all the work my mom did for me these last three weeks! Thanks so much to my mama! I would also like to make a quick shout out to thank my newest bosom buddy Brooke, my awesome visiting teacher Melanie, My sisters in law Kathryn and Meg for all the help you gave me in getting out the door! And of coarse the rest of my family in Utah! Thanks so much:)
We said goodbye to our little home that we had just barely made ours and took off Thurs morning. To my huge relief my mom Dad , Aspen (the sloth) were there to help us in Boise! They stayed and helped us get settled and I was so grateful for that! So I know that was alot to read but it has been a jam packed three weeks today! Now this is our new little home. It has been really fun and I like the area alot and we are grateful to still have our job! Its just a matter of time until I can make new friends! Im so grateful for the church! It was so nice to feel at home on Sunday in our new ward.
Hunter does not seem to have noticed :)


Lesley said...

What a lot of stuff going on!

I hope your knee is healing fine -- thank goodness for friends and family during such a crazy busy time. Wow!

I hope you love your new digs. I personally love Idaho :) and plus, I read a few years ago that Boise was rated the best city to live in in the USA. I can't wait to hear more about it all!

Way to go on walking, Hunter! He is ADORABLE. The older he gets the more I think he looks like Ashley, and not just 100% Mark anymore.

Kristi said...

YOur new house is really cute! I am glad you found something nice and are in a good ward. Your cute green house will miss you I am sure, but I will find a yellow one by you no matter where you are to keep you company. :)