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Monday, June 15, 2009

Mostly successful camping!!

Okay, last weekend for a little surprise gettaway I packed the car up to go camping! So when Mark got home we headed to Idaho city, and we were excited to be out! I called the rangers to check on weather and open campsites! We were excited to hear that there were alot of campsites available.....mostly because it was raining and hailing! :) Bring it on we are going camping! So we find the perfect little spot with a cute little pond from the rain. While we started unpacking we realized how not cool that little pond really was:) Im pretty sure it was breeding grounds for mosquitos and nats!! I do not like mosquitos one bit, okay quick bath in repellent! Next, fire and tent..... check! We are ready to eat:) After dinner bedtime sounded good to everyone except little Hunter. We were gonnahave to just let him fuss to sleep, I went to check on him and I see this guy standing a little ways off staring!! ummmm Mark come here..... I was kinda freaked out! The guy asked if everything was okay( like we were abusing our kid, obviously he was not a parent yet:) we said yes and he lingered a little while then left (creepy!) We decided to hit the sack to help Hunter sleep. The night was full of four wheeler riders through our camp, gun shots going off all around us, and 3 tree roots stabbing my back.... it was a great night! We woke up early ( because of Hunter) and packed up! As we drove by the other peoples camps my mature husband revved the engine and yelled stuff :) kinda funny:) We went sight seeing and spotted a bunch of wild life and it was beautiful! When we got home our neighbors came over for lunch and hung around for awhile. Then we finally bathed :) and went to dinner. Later on our friends from the ward had us over to play games! It was so much fun! Sunday was great because Mark and I had so much fun teaching our lessons. We teach the same kids so they go to him for Sunday School and me for Young Womens. They are really great kids. Iam really starting to like Boise, Everyone is so friendly here and we love our ward! Check out this motley crew! Usually you only put the most attractive pictures on your blog but we wanted to show our true camping selves:) I promise after this there were baths all around and a couple of haircuts!!!
Weekend entertainment! I laughed so hard at this cuz he could not get down by himself and he barely fit on the stump. He just kept climbing back on. He reminds of those elephants that balance on a ball at the circus...but alot cuter:)

Hunter checking on moose, what a cute little bum :) ( moose was locked up for dinner so we could actually enjoy it) !



Lesley said...

That is such a great idea! I want to be a fun wife like that and plan exciting camping trips spur of the moment!

Springer Family said...

Sounds like a great surprise for your husband! When you still lived here in Utah one Saturday morning I was at Target and I was like hey I know that guy...took me a minute to realize it was Mark because I have only seen pics on the blog. Kinda funny I think it may have been just days before you moved to Boise.

Kristi said...

You are the best wife! I was inspired by this post and we are going camping this weekend with some friends here! I am so excited. I am not a big camper, but seriously your post made me want to be one. :)
I am glad you are enjoying Boise, don't have too much fun until I find my yellow house there. :)