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Sunday, June 7, 2009

NoN Stop family Party!

HAPPY 60th to my father in law!! He still looks really young right?! We went to Utah this weekend to his surprise party and it was so fun! He is easy to surprise:) We made him a bikini cake but flesh colored icing is too hard to make so we made a Michelle Obama bikini cake for him! It was really funny! We are so grateful for Dave and the love and support that he gives us! He is the best father in law ever! we love ya dave!

This Orangatang wanted to be best buds with Hunter! They really are cute animals, the Orangatangs I mean:) She would follow Hunter wherever he went!All tuckered out from the zoo!

This year was definately the best Memorial Day ever! We had so much fun in Aberdeen with my family! There was a Poulson BBQ, Boating, games, and lots of laughs! My Grandpa told us alot about our ancestors when we went to the cemetary in Aberdeen! It is really neat to learn about your heritage. Hunter had so much fun playing with Cam and Bo. Bo is so cute to take care of Hunter and Cam I basically owe for teaching Hunter how to walk! We got to babysit them on sat while Em and JOel went to the temple and they were so fun! I think that is the first time we watched them. Thanks to Mom and Dad for the fun weekend, they always take such good care of us!Sitting at the pond behind our house! Hunter loves throwing rocks into the water:)


Erin Fanello said...

That looks like loads of fun! I have been meaning to ask you how your elk roast/sweet pork turned out:P The cake looked great though! You are such a funny girl!! We missed you on memorial day but I was lucky enough to see the aftermath of you time in the sun, woo hoo! Love ya tons!

Kristi said...

Love the cake! I wish you could do my kids b-day cakes for me, and so does everyone else who has to eat burnt cake. :)

I can't believe how big Hunter is. His little shoes are so big boy I can't stand it. Tell him to stop growing until I can be there to see it! We miss your buns and hope you are enjoying Boise and White Water Pizza for us.