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Friday, January 22, 2010

Simple Pleasures

So our little apartment has exactly two rooms. Our room/living room and then the other one, so Brigham and Hunter will be sharing:) I know this may be a challenge at times but what can you do:) I started on my boy nursery project! I made this little wall decor from an old window from our old house! Old windows are actually really fun to decorate with you can just keep changing what you put in them. I just painted the letters and stuck them on with sticky boogers( purchased from the store not our personal supply:) The room used to be white and it was so stale feeling so we painted it a really warm tan and now it is super cozy and so much cleaner feeling! This is above Hunters Bed (well the bed that we will be buying soon!)

And this above Brighams crib:)

The French lady that we rent from "Madame Horn" :) gave this cute little letter thing to Hunter for Christmas! I hate them on the fridge cuz they are always all over the floor and going under the fridge! So I just painted and magnetic dry erase board and a couple of little wood stars and hung it in the boys room where he can reach it! He loves it and I love it not in my kitchen:)Its all pretty simple but I don't like when it looks too busy! We are debating wether to give Hunter or our queen bed and get a king......which would be heavenly OR considering the space in the boys room just getting a twin for him? What do you guys think? (Mom don't worry I know what you think:) love ya )

The song that hunter sings is called dinosaur train It's a cartoon he likes on PBS! It goes "dinosaur train, dinosaur train, we'll riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide the dinosaur train!" I thought you could appreciate this Erin:)


The Heiner Family! said...

So cute Ashley! You are so creative! I love it you can com decorate my house for me! :)

Kristi said...

Love it Martha, just love it! How cute are you? I especially love the magnetic board. I say go twin. I know yo mama won't agree with me, but when you need space a twin is better. I also suggest you get one that has drawers under it and then you have storage without taking up more space--just my two cents. Love ya!

Erin Fanello said...

Hey Ash, I love what you've done with the place:)You are very talented and creating and recreating, I admire your talent. The letters was especially a good idea because I have almost biffed it many a time because of the letter A or Q...Q is just nasty!! I don't know. Anyway, Kristi's idea seems like a good one but I understand for visitors mom's I have no advice! That is so funny Hunter likes Dinosaur Train...make sure you don't let him watch the episode "Every Dinosaur Poops" He'll never be able to stop talking about it, Noah is always comparing his, you know, to different dinosaurs, well, you know. Anyway, it has proven to be embarassing on more that a few accounts:) Love you!

Vicki said...

Good job Hunter! What a smart boy! He is so cute. I LOVE your decorating ideas. With limited space I would think you would have to go twin. :) By the way so enjoyed your mom and dad's visit. They are so awesome-2 of my favorite people! Everything went really well ....considering everything that is. :) Love ya! Auntie Vicki

Dianne said...

So cute Ash, but for 4 cents (More money than Kristi)-I'd go with the queen. aunt Janka said the same thing. They grow out of twins so fast and you won't be in that apartment forever. Plus, you are going to need a place to lay down with Brigham and a twin doesn't cut it. Kristi is out of the family if she sides against me again.....J/K
I couldn't watch the videos they said they were not available. Lava U