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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two Years Old!

We celebrated Hunters 2nd Birthday yesterday and it was so fun;) Hunter woke up so excited that it was finally his "Burtday"! We decorated the kitchen with streamers and made his cake then headed to the Denver Aquarium! ( I miss utah prices by the way...a million dollars later:) We saw lots and lots of fish, turtles, sting rays, sharks, birds, reptiles and even a tiger! It was really cool place, the tanks were huge! Hunter spent 90% of the time scared to death;) I don't think he understood the whole glass walls and floors thing:) Anytime we went close to the glass he turned into this little monkey clinging onto every inch of you he could! It was pretty funny. After the Aquarium we headed to chik-fil-A for some yummy food and to play on the toys! I love chik-fil-A cuz there toys are sound proof but you can see your kid the whole time! So you actually get to enjoy a quiet meal while at a fast food restaurant:) It's a win win win situation!Mark was so fun with Hunter in the Aquarium, (while I was hyperventalating from clausterphobia:) This Aquarium had a tiger in the rain forest section....I'm not sure how the fish in his tank felt about that but it was still pretty cool!Ummmm;) I could not resist taking this picture! Some diver with the fish sitting up against the wall:)Happy Birthday to our little Buggy:) Okay so this was supposed to be an easy, RED fire truck! Has anyone ever made red frosting? Pretty sure the more dye you put in the more pink it gets! After the first layer of icing and looking at Hunters hot pink fire truck cake ( knowing Grandpa would not approve:) We decided to go with yellow! Bad idea, yellow just pulls the pink through in stripes instead of covering it;) So now that I have the girliest fire truck ever, that Hunter keeps calling a bus --we are finished:) It's the thought that counts right? Hunter still liked it and Mark was kind to keep telling me it looked great:)

Thanks for all the Birthday calls Hunter made us listen to them over and over again while smiling the whole time;)


Kristi said...

I am a horrible Aunt! Happy Birthday Hunter!!! It looks like you had so much fun. I love your cake and it does look awesome (will you come and make alli's?)

I am jealous of your aquarium all we have here is the lobsters in the tank at walmart. :(

Love you!

Lesley said...

What an incredible cake! I bet Ian would love that for his 3rd birthday coming up.

Happy Birthday Hunter! He is so handsome and I wish he and Ian could be best buddies! What a fun birthday.

Dianne said...

Was that a direct hit about the phone calls?? I knew I should of called at 11:45 instead of being accused of not caring....Sorry I am pathetic! We were a little overwhelmed!!! But I am glad I sent his card in January at least...We do love that boy more than words can say! I loved your firetruck and I think pink would of been ok, too! Love ya-MOM

Erin Fanello said...

So cute Ashely, I would be impressed by that cake no matter what color it was, you are so awesome and a great, GREAT Mommy! I love the diver cake, you "crack" me up...? Too much? Well maybe, but I couldn't resist:)I miss you guys and I am so glad you had a great time! Hug him everyday, soon he will be destroying your house and peeing in his trash can...tell you later! Love you!