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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just when you thought you couldn't get bigger!

We are ready!!! It's the final countdown here in our little bungalow and we are super pumped:) In one week my mom will be here and hopefully Brigham will be here also or soon after! This pregnancy has been super long compared to Hunters! And I have had alot more "oh you're really big" comments:) Some of my favorites,
A little kid at the gym comes and hit my belly and said, " your belly is really big cuz there is a baby inside of you!"
Another lady at the gym with twins, " Oh, are you having twins too?"
A lady at church, " you look so pregnant today" (oh thanks, I forgot how huge I was:)
My friend," It's okay you have gained weight, you're just a bigger person" (hmmmm)

I gained weight a little differently this time. Even though I'm a little bigger everywhere, the majority went straight to my stomach. People stare at me at the store like, "you poor thing":) Seriously though, my stomach is so out there! I'm hoping he is a chubby guy in there! I'm getting super uncomfortable and every morning or when I stand up it feels like I just got hit by a bus, so we are hoping that this is progress:) My doctor said I could get induced on Friday but I'm trying to practice patience and wait it out this time! It is so crazy just waiting for a baby to decide when he wants to come to this world! but we are ready, bring it on! This is Mark and I's little photo shoot so bare with us;)

It dosn't get much sexier than this, am I right? Just kidding it's pretty narly:) Mark does not like all the sexy prego pics that are so popular right now so we were just being dumb:) We also celebrated our third anniversary last weekend and we had so much fun together! We went to Boondocks for go karts and arcades, then the next day we went to an indoor play place and swimming pool then out to a fancy dinner at Bagalis Italian Restaurant. Then we came home and made Jamba Juice Smoothies, don't tell:) Hunter was with us the whole time hence the activities but it was so fun! He loved putting money in the slots and driving the little go kart:) now everywhere we go he signs money! We might have a problem! Hunter has been so fun and he is putting words together like crazy and wanting to do everything himself. He is always saying "Hunter Try" or "Hunter do it" We are so excited for him to have a little buddy to play with!
Mark got me these beautiful roses:) He is so sweet and I love him to death! He is the best husband and friend ever!!


Tami said...

People say the stupidest things to pregnant women...I am not sure what they are thinking or if they are thinking. Try these...

- "At least I made somebody's heart and brain today. What did you do?"
- "You're huge too — and you don't have the excuse of another person living inside you."
- "Go ahead, but I'm not touching yours."

I think you are a dang cute pregnant woman! Keep being patient, he will come! I know how hard it is! Spencer was 12 days late!!
Best of luck.

ash and jonny said...

Jade! You look beautiful! I loved the photoshoot.... ha ha I agree with Mark- I never know what to think about those pregnancy pictures that everyone does now.
Good luck with all the labor stuff-I'm sure you'll do great. Hopefully he doesn't make you wait too long :) Make sure and post some pics too!!!