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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Aloha Hawaii!

Okay the post about the perfect vacation:) Every year Marks company takes us on a trip and it is a week long anxiety attack for me to be away from the kids! Well.....not this year:) We went to Kona island and it was a week full of SLEEP! It's kinda sad that you have to travel around the world just get a good nights rest;) Well It was beautiful and perfect weather. We snorkled with turtles right off our beach, played sand volleyball, went fishing, we were well fed, and I read the whole Hunger Games series:) (I love Peeta by the way;) Usually on these trips I say the stupid one liner to someone like Marks client, but not this year! Mark went up to a fellow female Sales rep and asked, "Where is your husband?" And she looked at him and said, "We are seperated and if your wondering I have gained weight as well!" He He I can just see into Marks mind...."Big Gulps huh?....Well see ya" Yes I have to say I enjoyed seeing him squirm because it's always me putting my foot in my mouth;)

This guy went around blowing into his big shell while he lit all the tiki torches around the resort. He would blow North, South , East and West. I though it was cute cuz the little kids followed him to each stop.
Just doing our part in holding up the cave!

Veiw from the Fairmont Hotel.

This was the torch lighter......"Come on baby light my fire" :0

I didn't even get the question out to ask if I could take a picture and these little cuties struck a pose!

Catching our dinner...I guess the Hunger Games really got to me.
Doing a little shopping!

We ate most our dinners with this group. They are the Fox family and one of most amusing families at that;) We had alot of fun with them. Espeacially the crazy one in the back!

Mark went deep sea fishing with Ryan and some clients...they were unsuccessful but maybe next time.

Mark and Ryan in the Lava Tube. It kinda reminded me of walking down the hall in my Dads potato cellar.

Have you ever tried to smile with a snorkel mask on? Not an easy task....Hence the stalker smile;)On our last night in Hawaii we bought some little pizzas and snacks and ate them on the beach as the sun went down. Sorry to be cheesy, but it was so romantic and beautiful! I loved my trip with Mark it was so great to get away and laugh alot;) Love you Mark


Kristi said...

Glad you had fun! I love that last picture of you two.....what cute love birds you are!