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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween

Our weekend was jam packed with fun:) Friday night we went to our ward trunk or treat and carnival! It was so fun for the kids and there was some great costumes! Then we headed to Cafe Rio for dinner yummmmm! We got a hotel for the night and got up in the morning to go to the Temple! It was so wonderful to get to go because sadly it had been awhile! Next we went to Chuck E Cheeses ( which will always remind me of my sister in law Kristi:) for the afternoon! Then headed back home to get ready for trick or treating! Our ward put together a list of people who would be handing out candy for those who were not going out Sunday night! The Broomfield 3rd Ward really is the best;) Well I always have a scary story for the season and this year it happened while trick or treating!
Our good friends the Martins invited us to go with them around to all the houses! Well Broomfield is not your typical Utah ward boundaries so we had to drive blocks between each house! To make it more fun, we all piled into their van. Five kids under four and four adults, there was not alot of seatbelt action if you know what I'm sayin....Anywho it was going great until we found ourselve in front of the police station! We were not speeding but we did have a headlight out! Sitting at a four way stop we realize,we are at a four way stop with a POLICE MAN! AH! We turn quickly and then all of sudden the van is full of flashing lights! We are busted! After many threats to the kids to get in the back the police man showed up to give us the usual speal. To add to the stress they found out the insurance and registration was expired and not in the car! Well we just excepted that our Christmas money just went out the door to pay for this massive ticket coming our way! So here comes the police man to prob read us our rights...he hands Jody her license and says, " Make sure you get that information in your car and have a good night" WHAT?! He did not even look at the back which was full of law breakers! We were so grateful but will prob drive seperate from now on:)
Hunter, Payton, Riley

Waiting for the goods;)

The Kaisers in our ward set up the cutest fishing booth in thier garage! Hunters favorite babysitters live here Chelsey and Shane! It was so cute and the kids loved it!

Okay this next house is another story..... This home is decked out every holiday! It is insane! From the skeleton parade across the roof to the gargoyles and not to mention all the creepy things moving and popping up everywhere! This is a picture of her dinning room! Behind all these vampires is a table with an Alien for dinner! Every inch of this place had some kind of Halloween decor on it! Apparently her and her husband are divorced but she lets him have a room there because he puts up all her decorations! ha ha that sounds like a good arrangment to me:)

The electric bill has to be huge!!

Just look at that cute face! love it:)
Calder the Hamburger and Hunter the pumpkin!
Hunter and Sheridan, Hunter loves this girl:) She is an ice cream cone and it was the cutest costume!


Erin Fanello said...

I am so glad you are back! I have missed seeing you and your adorable family!!! I love you so much, keep the pictures coming, your camera takes great pics! I love you so much! So much, much much!