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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It has been forever since I posted anything because my camera broke! The boys are both growing and changing so much so I'm glad that we are back in the bloggin business so I can share their cute faces with you:) First their is Brigham.... when he smiles it just lights up the room! He is seven months and so ready to be moving and doing everything his brother is doing....and prob ready for a little pay back as well:) He is sitting up, rocks like a wild man on all fours, has seven teeth that seemed to all come at once, loves to laugh and play, jumps on the bed with Hunter( sometimes with supervision!) He has not quite figured out crawling forward but he is always going backwards:)

So we find him under the bed, or bunched in a corner or somewhere super uncomfortable but funny;)

Minus the slightly crossed eyes....this picture reminds me of Hunter the most! I just think he is the sweetest thing....unless it is dinner time! But who can blame him!

Although sweet Brigham has a very sneaky side! I think he will be into cupboards, climbing up stuff and always giving me a run for my money.....I mean look at that little face:)

Then there is Hunter. Hunter is always making us laugh. He is definately to smart for his own good. He burned his finger on the stove a couple days ago so this is recovering in his bed with a bag of ice! He let me rock him to sleep and that is a super rare event so even though it was five o clock I let him sleep because I got to hold him;)

(Green hair from Halloween)

Hunter and Brigham are starting to play more together and hopefully it just keeps getting better! I can't help but smile when they getting along!


Tami said...

I LOVE your family picture at the top! Very cute!! What handsome boys you have!

The Heiner Family! said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Love the family pictures! Hope all is going well for you guys in Colorado. Are you coming home for the holidays it would be fun to see you if you could stop by. :)

The Richards said...

I love that last picture - who can resist a baby bum?! Your boys are SO cute! It's got to be great for them to have a buddy to play with.

And your family picture is gorgeous!

Kristi said...

I thought I had already commented--but I hadn't!

It sounds like you have a great time in Colorado and that makes me happy! I love Briggs costume and his sweet little face and Hunter is one cute pumpkin!

I think you should visit Maine for Christmas, what do you think?

Love ya!