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Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy 30th to Mark

He is the cutest 30 year old :)

My favorie picture.....waiting for a bite!

Our trophy for the weekend!

Out hiking in the mountains in Santa Isabel.

Me and Brigs:)

Lovin roastin Marshmellows.....his were crisp by the time he was done:)

It was so pretty there in the evening! Checking out the neighbors catch.

30! Wow that's old! Someday we are gonna look back and think wow we were so young...but for now, Wow that's old:) The best way to a mans heart is through his stomache! We started his birthday with a super yummy breakfast and then ended with some super yummy bacon burgers and steak fries!!! Of course low fat! Okay, maybe not so much:) Mark had to work on his actual Birthday but we celebrated by going camping Thursday, Friday and Saturday! We headed to Lake Antero and it was a great weekend! At first, I was upset that Mark had picked a cow pasture in what looked like Wyoming! Not what I had imagined for an ideal campsite! But as we got settled in, it turned out to be the perfect spot! I didn't have to be scared of elk or bears, that part was great, It was right by the lake so Mark could start fishing early in the morning and fish until sunset and we could be with him the whole time! Although lacking in trees, we were surrounded by the Mountains which was beautiful! Plus, cloudy skies and rainstorms made for perfect weather, we were never hot and never to wet;) Mark caught one of the few catches that weekend! A rainbow trout, 3lbs and 201/2 inches...not to shabby! I enjoy the fishing bunch, although they smell of power bait and gasolene, they are super friendly and love to talk:) Hunter had a blast casting out his line and reeling it back in with his "Buzz lightyear" fishing pole! He was quite entertained but not quite the die hard like Mark:) My favorite part was sleeping in the tent with the boys( Hunter loves tents) and the last night when the four us made smores and hung out by the fire! Great memory:) I can't believe I am camping with my family now! It seems like just a short time ago I was camping with my parents!!! Crazy! Overall it was an awesome camping trip and I think Mark had a great Birthday!


Kristi said...

What an oldie! ;)
It looks like you had a great time, I wish we camped-but we don't (unless you count the backyard). Your boys are so stinking cute and I so wish I could hug and squeeze them. I can't believe how much Brigs has grown he is a doll. Hunter needs to be close to Xander so he can learn all his tricks (but it sounds like he is getting them all down on his own). We love and miss you guys! Thanks for the update, I feel a little more in the loop now.

Lindsey said...

Ashley! your family is so cute! You are probably the best little mom ever! I hope I can be like you :)

The Heiner Family! said...

I have to disagree with the cutiest 30 year old,(Derek is 30) but other then that it looks like you guys had a great day!I love all of your pictures so CUTE!