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Monday, August 9, 2010

Boy Updates:)

Hunter is such a fun little guy! He definately has some new found attitude!

( he gets it from Mark)

When I ask him to do something I get one of these responses:

"Oookay Mommmy"

" Yes Sir!" or

" awww no"

Yesterday I asked him, " Are you silly or what?"

He replied, " You be silly and I'll be what" :)

Today on our walk I had a rock in my shoe and said, "ouch"

from the front of the stroller I hear him say, " Everything okay back there?"

Hunter told me during during dinner the other night that his tummy hurt, I said, "It does?" thinking he did not want to eat anymore but he just responded, "I better eat something!"

( I tell him if he does not eat good food his tummy will hurt)

These stories might be TMI so read at your own risk:o

If Hunter has something in his nose I tell him you have a big one and then swipe it with my fingernail and say, "I got it!" So the other day he gets in my face and says, "Mom, you have a big one" and then follows with hooking my nostril with his finger and yanking it to the ceiling! then says, "I got it." thanks Hunter:)

On our camp trip last week, I was too scared to walk to the bathroom in the dark alone! So I just headed behind the tent trying to be sneaky. Well, Hunter followed and proceded to squat by me like it was a game....and then he realized what I was doing. His eyes got huge and he yells, "POTTY MOM, POTTTY!" like he was so embarressed that I was doing that right there! I laughed so hard at his little stressed face and spread out fingers! he he

OUR FAVORITE... when Hunter squeezes Mark and my head together and says, "I missed you, I wove Mom and Dad!"

Now little Brigs....or should I say little chubbs:)

At four months Brigs is about 16lbs and has the cutest rolls on his thighs and love handles:)

(That he gets from his momma:)

From day one he has screamed at everything, happy or sad it is a scream! But we are used to it now and his little constant drama screams make us smile.

He loves playing with toys, laughing , girlgling, cooing, smiling and spitting up:)

He has his two bottom teeth already and is loving rice cereal!

If he had his choice he would be constantly jumping or laying down. Not much of a cuddler except for rare occasions! I love when he just lays there and falls alseep!

Brigs likes to stare, I think he is memorizing who we are but I love when he just gazes into my eyes...he can do it forever without blinking:)

That's it for the updates, sorry if it was boring but it is for the journal:)


Dianne said...

Ash-I love hearing all of your cute little stories about your Boysies! they are so adorable! Pam is driving out to Denver this week-wish I was going with her! love you much!