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Monday, August 9, 2010


Haylie and Hunter remind me alot of eachother:) Looks and Personalities! When we got home I asked Hunter where he wanted to live ( meaning one of the houses we had gone and looked at) and he paused for a minute and then said, "With Haylie!" They were fun little buddies!

Caden, Hunter, Leah, Haylie...Allen
At the end of our Month long trip to Idaho and Utah we a BBQ with the Allens! Meg and Ryan let come bombard there beautiful home and the kids had so much fun:) They played on the slip n slide and ran through the water worm hose. I was proud of Hunter for actually getting in the water because he is terrified of the water! It was a huge step for him when he walked across the slip n slide and everyone clapped for him:) (gotta love family support!) I miss having all the cousins around for Hunter to play with! They are all so good to him! I was really sad that Mark was not there, but I was excited to fly home the next day!
We were in Idaho previously to this BBQ, and it was so fun :) It is always great to go home! My Mom and Dad were getting ready for the Trek so they were kinda of busy but I did get one chick flik out of my Mom! We watched "Must love dogs" we all thought it was funny espeacially my mom;) My mom made six pioneer dresses plus bonnets and you better believe she looked like a babe on that Trek!! If she had been a pioneer I bet she would have a little store that all the women bought their dresses and bonnets:) I was realy proud of her! My Mom can basically do whatever she wants and do it great!
Erin and I got Alot of one on one time and there was alot of laughing! We took a trip down many memory lanes :) One of them being country dancing and that was quite amusing to talk about! Apparently neither of us were great dancers and we had our share of characters on the dance floor:0 Good times. While shopping in Target to find a baby bjorn carrier for the plane ride home, Erin was showing me how to put it on and when she was done she proudly proclaimed TADA! But in the moment of celebration she lost her balance and fell into the shelf and knocked everything over! Of course we got laughing, ( we laugh pretty much the same like to hyenas who can't catch their breath! Austin does a great impersonation) so she turned around and bent over laughing a her bum knocked everything over on the shelf behind us:) Ha I have not laughed that hard in a long time, that's what sisters are for!!! Hunter and Brigham were great on the trip! And Hunter loved all the space to run around and to have his cousins to play with! What does not kill us makes us stronger;) It's hard to get everyone's plans to align during the summer but overall we had so much seeing everyone and was so grateful they put up with us for so long!


Vicki said...

Sounds like tons of fun!!! You are blessed! :)