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Thursday, June 10, 2010

First of all look how cute this couple is! I just wanted to write another shout out to my Mom! I came across this picture on my camera and couldn't help but smile because of all the fun I had with my Mom when she came here to help me! She was so good to all three of my boys and most of all me! She taught Hunter and I how to make bread and did not even get mad when put the eggs in to soon;) I am so grateful for my Mom.... I can't say it enough! We love and miss you Mum Ma!

Hunter wrestling Brigs( notice the concerned look on Brigs face:) this is his look anytime he hears Hunters little voice!

Just watching some Word World together:) cute little legs!

Still the concerned look on Brigs face!

Newborn Brigham

Two weeks Brigham

Two Months Brigham;) so cute! We love his little smile and cooing noises! He is such a sweet little guy....unless it's dinner time!

I can't believe Brigs is two months! He is so big and strong:) He holds his head up like a champ and is really working on rolling over! He is in panic mode everytime I put him down for fear that Hunter is gonna come bolting from any direction:) I know Hunter loves him but we are trying to channel his love in a not so physical way! I know when Brigs get bigger they are gonna be the bestest buds( and Brigs will get some revenge:) Boys are so fun!
Hunter is all boy playing with his tractors and firetrucks outside! He always wears his hat like a little thug and it makes me laugh! He makes the loudest siren noises when you talk about firetrucks or policmen! I don't get a ton of it but I love my one on one time with Hunter! He is his sweet self and I have so much fun with him;) I'm so grateful for my little men!


Vicki said...

I love the pic of your mom with Hunter. She is so pretty....and fun....and sweet. Your boys are precious. Loved getting a glimpse into their world. Good job mom!!!!
Love you, Auntie Vicki

Tami said...

What handsome boys!!

Kristi said...

How cute are they? Oh how I wish I could see both of them!!! Keep posting pictures so I can see them grow. Miss and love you!!!