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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Back to Us!

These pictures are a little out of order but I wanted to share this cool picture of my C-section! :) sorry if you have light stomachs:) If your wondering my stomach still has all those wrinkles and more.....Thanks Brigs:)

Mark and I had a great Memorial weekend so far! We went up to Estes Park and fished and went to dinner! I do not like fish so it was two seperate activities:) It was beautiful up there and we all enjoyed just relaxing and being together! Hunter and I spent most of the time playing in the sand while Mark fished and Brigs just snoozed away! It was a perfect day! Here is a glimpse of the day.....sorry about the close up:) We had just experienced a rain shower!

How cute is that! I'm so glad that Mark loves playing and teaching our makes me smile:)

This is where Brigs hung out, he was the only one that didn't get rained on:) Sweet little man.

A little cathch up....

Hunter, Brigs and I just got home from a two week vacation in Idaho! We had so much fun on the farm and enjoyed all the extra leg room:) It was kind of overwhelming at times because I am new to this two kid thing but My Mom was so great to let me sleep in and take naps! I always have so much fun hanging out at home. Im so grateful for my parents and all they do for me! I also had blast with my siblings! It was prob one of my favorite visits with them. Baby update-I never thought that having another baby would be such an adjustment but if you have a two year I suggest you buckle up! I love my little Hunter but he has really given me a run for my money since little Brigs entered our lives! We are taking it a day at a time and things are getting better as we work out a schedule. Instead of hitting all he time- he cuddles with you first and gives you hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel..........and then turns around and starts swinging! I walked past the nursery today and I hear the nursery leaders say, " say sorry" so without a second thought I just said through the door, " Hunter say sorry"! :) It made me laugh to myself....But when he is sweet I can't get enough of his little personality ;) He makes us smile all the time! We are pretty bias but Hunter is super smart and amazes us everyday as he puts things together, His memory really is amazing! Brigs is about 12lbs now and gaining like crazy! At first he seemed very collicy and I didn't know what to do cuz Hunter was pretty easy! But now we have bonded and I can't quit lovin him and kissin him! So sweet:) Every morning about the same time he wakes up just cuz he wants to snuggle:) good and bad I know but I love it:) We love it here in Colorado and are thinking it may be more permanent than we thought! We miss family so much and seeing them these last two weeks was made me miss them even more! But we are happy here as a little family:)


Cara said...

Hearing that it's a hard adjustment to have a 2 year old and baby is not what I wanted to hear today since I'm going to have twins and a 2 year old. :S
Cute pictures though.

Vicki said...

What beautiful scenery of where you fished. What sweet little guys you have. I remember how busy they keep you.....some things you never forget. :) Thanks so for sharing your life so I can picture you there. Love you guys, Auntie Vicki

Dianne said...

Hey Ash-so fun hearing about the past two weeks with you! It was so fun for all of us and we are going through withdrawal-which is even more painful than the stomach flu!
We loved every minute you were here and wish you were closer. It helped to have Maxwell drop in on us to take the pain away. Em has been here since then and it has been fun! Love you so much!

Erin Fanello said...

I think I'm going to be sick...just kidding:) That's crazy to see that pic because I never saw what I looked like for mine and now I am even more freaked out about it!! Thank you for the pictures, I have been checking everyday because I was so eager to see how everyone was doing! You really do look so great and so beautiful, I loved the close-up, you and Mark are close-up pros, so photogenic! I love you and was so happy to talk to you on skype, hope all is well, have you tried any of my discipline tactics....please don't report me to CPS ha ha!! Love you!