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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

December in a Nut shell

We celebrated the holidays up in Idaho! We had so much fun and were really spoiled by the family:) Our power was out for a little while but it was fun and we had prepared the night before for the necessaties. a.k.a water to flush the toilets!! Before presents my dad and mom gave us some heavy duty instructions about bathroom use when the power is out!! Dont worry we recorded it :) We also were snowed in pretty good which was very fun and the snow was Beautiful but but the winds kinda turned it into an ice storm. We had tons of good food and laughs. Mark did get two geese that he was very excited about. But for my moms sake we saved the goose dinner for the Allens :)

Hunter got his first haircut and it made him look like a little boy and not a baby :(
It looks so good on him!!

We celebrated my 23rd birthday in Idaho and Mark and my fam made it really fun!!

We went sledding!

Hunter was incandescently happy outside as usual:)SEEing Double I think?

WE went to temple square and it was beautiful and not as cold as last year! yea
Well we have the internet in our new home family so we will be better at posting pics of our family adventutes!


Dianne said...

Ash-good times! We sure miss you people and all of the good times we have when we are together.
There is truly nobody I would rather be with than my family with their family! It was a great holiday and we loved being with you all. We sure miss that little Hunter bug and all of the smiles he brings! Not to mention his zany mom! Thanks for the update and know that you are loved! MOM

Vicki said...

Love those blue eyes on that baby. He is beautiful. I know yall had an awesome time at Christmas. It makes me smile to think of yall together enjoying each other! That is what families are for! Love ya, Aunt Vicki

Kristi said...

Ashley I am so glad you are back! I have missed you greatly. I am glad Christmas was good for you and everyone there. We missed out and were a little sad, but had a good time here too.

Hunter does look so grown up, I can't believe it. Alli thinks she is such a big kid now. She crawls after her bro. and sis. all day.

I am excited to see your face! Love ya!

Erin Fanello said...

Ashley I am so glad to have you back with us on the world wide web! I have missed you so much, especially seeing your face on my web cam! I love the pictures, especially the black and white one of you guys, you look so beautiful!! Can't wait to take pictures of you guys when I come!!! Love you so much!

Dianne said...

Really Lizzy, is he incandescently happy???

Adam and Tara said...

Hey Ash,
How are things going? Looks like you had a great Christmas! Haven't heard from ya in awhile. Your house looks amazing your baby is a cute little bug, and you look great! Hope all is well with you!


Kristi said...

Can I get January in a nut shell too? I miss you, I need an Ashley fix very badly! I can't wait to see you.