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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Top 8.5 of 2008!

I finally finished Hunters room! Im really happy with how it turned out thanks to Mark and his handy carpentry:) Hunter really likes it also, but he is always reaching for the cars. I try to explain that they are stuck there but it seems to be a hard lesson to learn:)

Hunter has mastered his stair climbing! Up and down all day long! Hunter has learned quite a few signs lately (owie, eat, shoes, please, puppy, more, tarzan , no of coarse! ) We are having so much fun playing with him!
First off I would like to say that Janurary was the longest month of my life!! Was it like eight weeks this year? Anyway I had alot of time to think about the top eight things that happened to me in 2008! It was pretty fun thinking about what happened last year alot of good times! So here you go:
8. Trip to Greece
7. I got to decorate my home and leave the decor up because Im hopefully not moving for awhile
6. We bought a perfect little home to revamp:)
5. Mark got his first Elk (legally) since we have been married! The elk tied with going to AZ and having a blast with Erin Fanello!
4. I got my endowments out in the Rexburg Temple
3. I got to see my whole family in the sealing room at the Salt Lake Temple ( Except Austin)
2. Hunter Jackman Allen was born:)
1. I was sealed to my husband and baby on Aug 2nd!

I am excited for this next year and hope it is full of fun family times ( and maybe a fanello, vickery or poulson baby heh eh eh thats right kristi!) that January is finally over:)


Erin Fanello said...

Sorry that January was stinky, its my least favorite month of the year!! Wish I could have been there to cheer you up! Love you so much, it was so wonderful to see you in the temple, you all looked so beautiful! But coming to Arizona should be on there but that's okay, you can't have 9 things in 2008, but I know what you meant:)

Jeremy and Kara said...

Cute room Ashaley. I agree with January being long and miserable. It seems that it goes on forever. Well i miss you, and glad to see you doing well.

Dianne said...

I hate to be the only champion of January, but when you got to go on a cruise with your favorite sisters, it doesn't get much better. So, my advice to brighten up a January-cruise with someone you love!!! Dianne

Michelle said...

Hunter's room is so cute! You did a great job! Love that you shared pics of it for us to see! Come visit is in Houston! One day it freezing and the next day it is 75degrees like today! Love ya, Michelle & crew

Erin and Gregg said...

January is kind of a crappy month, and I felt like is lasted forever also. But now we have had a couple of warm days and I can't wait for spring to come. Hunter's room is so cute I love the cars on the wall, (very creative way to go Ash:)

The Heiner Family! said...

Ash what a cute room! I love it! When we have kids you can come decorate for me!! HOpe you are doing well. You guys have such a cute little family!

Adam and Tara said...

Hey Ash,
Just wanted to let you know we are going private. If you want an invite just leave your email in the comments on my blog! Thanks! Hope all is going well for you and your family! Take Care! :)