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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We had so much fun the last few weeks being with family! For the first time in a long while all of my siblings were in the same state! Thanks to my BIG little brother Austin returning home from his mission in AZ! We are all so happy that Austin is home, he keeps us all constantly laughing:) My mom and Dad did so much work so that we could all come home and be comfortable and we were! So thanks Mom and Dad it was great! Another highlight was all the grandkids were home! 7 little kids under the age of four!!! That is alot of naps, moving car seats and rotating one high chair:) But we all survived and it was so fun for all the kids to get to play together! I have the cutest neices and nephews for sure! Since Hunter learned a few tricks from his cousins he has recently been more interested in walking and Climbing! He is not walking yet but making alot more effort than before! But I come back into the room and I will find him on top of these chairs playing with the thermostat (not sure why he is obsessed with that) or cleaning out my junk drawers! Even though he is making alot more messes I cant help but be proud of my little mountain man!
The other day we were reading alot of books and eating snacks! I left and came back and he was just reading along without me, but I thought he looked so cute on this big chair!Out of all my kids Hunter is by far the best organizer! He loves emptying drawers and placing himself in it! Thanks for the help, I needed all that stuff right there:)All done!

We do miss all our siblings and cousins and wished they lived closer!! love ya guys


Vicki said...

His room is precious! I really like it! Great pics. Such a cute little person!! :) Love ya, Aunt Vicki

Erin Fanello said...

He is so cute, I told you walking is fun but is also brings a lot more messes your way! Aren't boys so curious? I love those pictures and I love you little boy, what a sweet heart, thanks for sharing your home with us, we had a great time!!

Kristi said...

We miss you guys so much! Kennedy asked me if everyone could come out here and live so we could have fun every day. :)

I am so glad we came out and had time with the fam. We just love you and your little bug-what a cutie!