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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Okay this is gonna be a quicky and details will come later:) Mark got his elk in September which you probably already know but he was very happy and I was excited for him! His AWESOME family helped him pack it out of the mountains, without them it would have not been such a fun experience! This hot mama is what brought in his bull ;) I was excited that mark used his Christmas present from last year! Hunter is just being cute, getting bigger everyday and is learning so much!
I have not taken alot of pictures lately because I have been filming him instead, so I will do better with pics! Our life has been kinda busy lately with news that we are moving to Denver! We actually just got home tonight from flying out there to find a place! It is beautiful out there and we did find a closet size apartment to live in:) We are excited but are going to miss our family, friends, and monthly Aberdeen trips:( But are grateful and excited for this opportunity! I will post pics and more details soon! love you all:)


Erin Fanello said...

Holy Moly he looks so grown up in that picture!! Just since I saw you last he went from looking like a baby to looking like a little boy, it goes way to fast!! Wish I could be there to hug him and hug you!! Talk to you soon!