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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well we are packed and ready to move! This has been the longest time we have had to pack and get ready for a move and I have to say I like the fast moves alot better! You don't have time to think about what is really happening:) Hunter has been a huge help in packing, I just tell him we are taking it to grandma and grandpas and he is okay with all his stuff in boxes and suitcases! Hunter has started talking alot and trying to put words together. He has a lisp with his sssss's and we love it:) It makes us laugh everytime he says, "tho thilly" ( so silly), or "yeth mama". Hunter is hard core junk food, so Mark and I are trying to be better parents and not have so much around the house. Milk and candy really is not the best diet plan for a little man:) We went home to visit my Mom and Dad and Hunter had so much fun riding in the tractor with grandpa in the beets! My mom recently had back surgery and we kept telling Hunter grandma can't pick you up cuz she has an owie. So now when Hunter gets my phone he says "bumpa", beets, tractor? and then "Muma" (signs owie) and makes alot of kisses:) I am sad we are not going to get to go home as often to make memories:( But we are excited for our new adventure together as a little family! We are living in a basement apartment minus a living room and tub!!! I can do without the living room but a tub? Its gonna be tough:) but we will survive with hopefully alot of GOOD memories! We are so excited for the upcoming holidays to spend with family, being with family is all that really matters:)So cute? I know:) Watching Madagascar is Hunters top priority(besides candy and milk) right now. He loves the "maminals". Ever since his cousin Noah introduced us to the movie, Mark and I basically have it memorized!! Good thing it is funny!A funny part in the movie! Complete Joy:) We just love our little Hunter Bug!


Erin Fanello said...

What a cute boy! I love when they start to talk, there funny versions of words in their cute kid voices is just so fun! I still love when noah says a new word! And they are so amazing to put things together, I am so surprised at the things noah remembers! Careful though sometimes it can be bad, when we were in the car the other day noah hit me in the face totally random like and all I could muster, cause it hurt, was "what the..." and I didn't finish it of course but Noah sure did he looks at me and says, "Heck?" all proud of himself for knowing which word he needed to fill in the blank! Yikes they hear everything!! Love you and will miss you even though I don't get to see you I like knowing you are safe with family near by but I know you will have a blast too, what a fun adventure! Talk to you soon, although you maybe be elderly after you finish reading this message:) Bye gotta go!

Erin Fanello said...

did i stutter? maybe be be...:)

Vicki said...

What a sweet boy you have. He is such a cutie!! They are just too much fun. I so enjoy the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing!! You will make great memories in Denver I am sure. We love you! Auntie Vicki

Kristi said...

He is so cute!!! I know what you mean with the junk food, Alli thinks fruit snacks are a food group. She digs through any bag that is within her grasp and usually finds some. :)
Sorry about the annoyance of moving, it really is so much work-especially with great little helpers! :)
I am excited for your new adventure, and I hope you survive no tub (yikes). Love ya!