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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Time to Relax!

You would think that the vacation was the relaxing time;) But we have had the busiest last month and half! I have lived out of a suitcase for like five weeks in a row! On our way to Denver we stopped at a hotel and I opened my suitcase to get my PJ's out and a huge wolf spider came crawling out!! ahhh time to move into dressers. ( I picked up that little hitchhiker from my father in laws, I hope it was not due to hygiene reasons:) I wanted to relax in Puerto Rico but I just had so much on my mind with the move, and being away from Hunter but we did have alot of fun and met alot of fun couples! Brett, Ryan, and Mark at fort something. All I know is that it was a long walk to it:)

I loved hanging out with this couple they were so fun! She kept telling me what I should and should not do because I was pregnant. LIke no drinking alcohol......The last night we were there we went to this beautiful Hacienda for the goodbye dinner! As we walked up the steps they were handing out cool drinks and I was super excited for them! So as Im about to enjoy my beverage she reaches back and says no honey not while you're pregnant;) I didnt think they would hand out alcohol to everyone! But there were alot of almost drunk mormons that night;)
I found this diaper in the reain forest? I thought it might be a good idea to go "green" afterall. I bet Obama would be happy:)
This is my very own Tarzan! I like to tease Mark about words he likes to use, that he says incorrectly or at wrong times;) Its very amusing. So one time in Boise we were driving along the payette river and he says," man that is so tetris" :0 I said, " you mean treacherous?" I laughed so hard and now I tease him about it. But in the rain forest he was wandering in the trees and says, "what if there are alot of TRI-ANTULAS!!" So ofcoarse I had to laugh at him:) Ryan and Megan were with us and I told them about the "tetris word" So short story long when Mark was swinging on these vines Ryan said enthusiastically, " Oh no! what if a bunch of "tetris TRI-antulas fall on you!" ha ha ha I hope you followed that story cuz it as pretty funny:) Our kids have no chance of being good in the english department:)
Some weird forest lady we saw....she is very beautiful dont you think?
Mark and me
I went to hug a tree for a picture and almost ate this! There was huge snails all over the rainforest.

Yes they are real! Why do women have to have bigger hips in pictures too, can I not get a bigger loin cloth?
Meg, Ryan, Mark and me
This was the resort where we stayed. It was pretty cool.

This was the resorts private beach. You just walked out the back door onto this!! The ocean was alot of fun to play in! and the weather was great:)

Mark and his daily iguana feedings:)

The night we got home went and got the Uhaul and started packing. I was not going to get to see my HUnter until the next day but becuase I have the best parents ever they surprised us and brought him that night!!! YEA, Then they helped me a ton to get packed and clean the house! We could not have done it without them! Well we are now living in our only essentials apartment in Broomfield, Colorado! We seem to be doing fine without a living room and a bathtub.

Before bed Hunter goes to the bathroom and says "ower?"

I say, "you want to take a shower?"

He says, "yeth" :)

It is so beautiful here and we are excited to be here! Our new ward seems really fun and there are alot of young couples! I have already caught my first mouse in the kitchen and feel prepared to keep up the good work:) Hunter has been so great with all these new transitions and I love spending everyday with him:) Mark is excited for this new territory and wants to get going. Right now he has to go with other reps to meet some of the clients and learn new products but he is looking forward to getting out on his own!!! We will miss our family so much but are still so excited to go home for Christmas!!!


Kristi said...

How fun! You look so beautiful in all the pics! I am glad you are getting settled in your new place, and I hope you can meet some great friends! Can't wait to see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Cleverleys said...

Hey Ashley, I was talking to your mom the other day and she was telling me of your move. You are in our neck of the woods in Broomfield! We used to live in superior and my hubby's parents live in Westminster. We are actually moving back there as soon as we sell our house here in idaho. We will have to get together sometime when we finally get out there. What part of Broomfield are you in? we have family all over the area, broomfield, westminster, thornton, northglenn...etc... anyway, I hope it is a good move for you guys and that you enjoy colorado. I know it is tough being away from family though! Take care.....Tara Cleverley

Shamae said...

Looks like a fun time!! Congrats on the baby!