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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hunters own spa :)

Although our new living quarters are very tight we are loving it! Hunter was surviving alright taking showers but I bought this duck to see if he would like it and it was a hit! He loves his duck baths. Bathtime is now twice as long as it used to be:) Colorado is so pretty and we love the new area. Instead of wishing we were where family lived we wish that all our family lived here! We went to our new ward and it seemed great with lots of young couples but that was short lived cuz they asked us to leave:) They told us we were in that ward but apparently we live on the border and are actually in the Broomfield 3rd ward. So we have been attending the wrong stake for 3 weeks! We went to the correct ward today and they are also so welcoming! I think we will fit in better in this ward:) Mark is loving his job here! There is so much to do and so much work that he keeps super busy! No more lunchtime together:( But I am happy that he is loving it! Hunter and I started attending the library for reading time and Hunter really likes it! I feel a little goofy saying all the poems and songs, plus the lady in charge sings every word she says and I find it hard not to laugh even though she has a beautiful voice! I think it is a great program and am grateful for the awesome library here! Hunter loves playing with all the stuffed animals there and putting puzzles together! He gets all the animals(like 100's) and puts them on the couch and signs sleep! like it is their naptime;) Life is great here and we feel very blessed to be together! Looking forward to Christmas Vacation is nine days!!!


Vicki said...

You are awesome. You make the best of where ever you are. There is a lot to be admired about that. Your children will benefit from that attitude. Jeromy really thought the area was beautiful. Thanks, once again, for being such a wonderful cousin and neice!!! Would so love to hug your neck. Hug that sweet boy for me! Love ya, Auntie Vicki

Lesley said...

We have that duck bath too! It was such a huge hit with Ian. Does the beak quack, too? Love it.

I am glad you are feeling settled in your ward and that you found a fun story time! We think Colorado would be a really fun ward.

Kristi said...

Love it! Great idea. I am so glad you like it there, if only it were closer to me. :) See you real soon.

Nate and Tami said...

So fun to see your blog!!! What a little stud! Can't wait to see more! And congrats on the bun in the oven!

tiffani said...

OK I am a little behind the times...when the heck did you move to Colorado? How pathetic that I didn't know, I just talked to your mom last night!! I am excited that you all are coming for Christmas. How fun! Your blog is super cute. I am very impressed with the duck bath. When we only had a shower I just through all my kids in at the same time and made them hurry. I wasn't their biggest fan at the time!